Admissions Information

An application fee of $50 U.S. (non-refundable) is required with each Application for Admission. Language Center International accepts cash, personal checks, credit cards, domestic or international money orders. Prepayment of tuition is not required. Completed applications which arrive too late for the chosen session will be processed for the next term. If you plan on requesting a student visa, you will need an I-20. Submit both an Application for Admission and an I-20 Request Form (see page 3 and 4 of the application document).

Submitting the Application

  • Print a copy of the Application for Admission. (Only the original, English version will be accepted)
  • Complete all items on page one of the Application for Admission. The spelling of names and birth dates must match the applicant's passport. A copy of the passport page with the applicant's name and photograph is required. Applicants requesting an I-20 for F-1 status must also complete all application information on page 2. Sponsor(s), parent(s), or guardian(s) must sign the health statement for applicants under 18 years of age.
  • Be sure to sign and date the application!
  • Read the Refund and Cancellation Policy; print and sign the attestation page.
  • Applicants hoping to acquire an F-1 visa should also print a copy of the Request for I-20.
  • Submit a current official financial statement indicating the ability to provide educational and living expenses. Students may use their personal funds. Sponsors must provide written sponsorship authorization for each student. All sponsors must provide current official proof of financial ability to support the student during his/her studies in the United States. Scholarship students must submit official scholarship letters.
  • Financial support documents are required for issuance of an I-20 (F-1 visa students only). Financial support documents are not required for all other visa categories.
  • Send to LCI:
    1. the completed Application for Admission
    2. the completed Request for I-20 form (I-20 requests only)
    3. financial statement(s) (I-20 requests only)
    4. a copy of the student's passport information pages
    5. the $50 application fee (if you want to pay by credit card, please use the LCI Credit Card Authorization Form)
    6. the sponsor statement (if applicable, page 2 of Application for Admission)
    7. the Refund and Cancellation Policy attestation page

Applicants will be notified of acceptance. All admissions documents, including I-20 forms, are mailed using the regular delivery of the United States Postal Service. Applicants may request express mail delivery service through Federal Express at their own expense; contact LCI for express mail fees. Accepted transfer students on an F-1 visa should follow SEVIS transfer procedures. For transfer questions, please contact LCI. Students who request an I-20 for F-1 visa status, who are not in the United States, must make an appointment at a United States Embassy or Consulate. Students who request an I-20 for change of status to the F-1 visa category, who plan to remain in the United States, must make an appointment with LCI personnel. If you would like to learn more about visiting the U.S. temporarily as a student, you can visit the United States Department of Homeland Security Study in the States website.